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Els dies robats

(2024). Editorial Proa

In a village of the Pyrenees, several people from different places hold a recess devoted to yoga and pilates. They all stay in a house close to the town. Following a government order, they are forced to extend their lockdown indefinitely. The world has stopped because of a global alert, and isolation and uncertainty end up transforming the relationship between people of different ages, tempers and lifestyles. Unexpected bonds and complicities are established, which add to the circumstantial coexistence with some of the town's inhabitants. With renewed power, episodes and wounds from the past, that were thought forever forgotten, reemerge.


(2022). Editorial Proa

He's turning 100 on Sunday, and Cinto has all his family with him for the whole weekend. During years he has taught them about stars and constellations. He learned all the names during the Civil war. Wheile he was away with the "Baby draft" he retained one star which is very special. Mind it, his son Quim and his grandchildren Paula and Ramon have also waged their wars. Like anybody else, of course, but perhaps theirs have been more risky. Note that they spent quite a few years in the Basque country. Their love stories are also dangerous and with sequels, very long sequels. In any case, whatever happens, they will not stop watching the stars which unite four generations for life.

El Crit

(2019). Editorial Proa

Judit is sat in a psychologist’s waiting room. For some reason, she is obsessing with a pair of sandals worn by a child who’s also waiting, like her. She has trouble breathing. Those little feet transport her back to August 27th and to La Rambla. Judit is the first of six characters who will open their lives to the reader, all six intertwined with feelings, intimacies and passions, with the backdrop of the terrorist attack that occurred the autumn of 2017 in Barcelona. October 1st, November, December. Months full of political commotion in the city, and six characters with different views; lives with wounds that have yet to close; scars that have haunted them for years.

La fugitiva

(2018). Editorial Proa

The fugitive explains the story of Mireia, a 90 years old woman who lives alone in a flat in Barcelona. She is becoming more and more unsociable. In fact, she only gets along with her granddaughter Sònia. While she listens to the noises and spies to her tenants’ neighbors from the closest flat, she recalls all her accidental life and everything that caused the distant relationship with her daughter as well as her son’s non-speaking attitude towards her. Indeed, her mistrust and loneliness are due to some facts that occurred in the past. However, with a little bit of luck plus some unexpected events, problems that were caused long time ago, could be suddenly solved

A Garden in the Shade

(2016). Editorial Proa

A Garden in the Shade tells the story of a family from Barcelona, the Torralbas, through the eyes of Aniol, the gardener of their summer house in the village of Carena. The garden is dark and humid, and it plays a big role in the family’s history: from the Civil War and the Second World War to today, with the background of Franco’s dictatorship, the student uprisings, the democratic transition and the recent technological revolution. Aniol talks about the Torralba family, with whom he is closely tied together due to the feelings he has always had towards Mireia, who married the heir of the clan and became Mrs Torralba. The whole plot revolves around her character. There is a crime hidden within the garden walls for many years, a crime that Mirieia’s descendants will reveal with the help of Aniol. This sinister event will cause the garden and the house to be abandoned for many years, up until a granddaughter of the Torralba decides to reform them and give them a new life.

Unfinished words

(2014). Rosa dels Vents

Could you picture your own father, in his death bed, confessing to you that he killed a man the night of the failed coup in Madrid, the 23rd of February of 1981? You would be astonished, wouldn’t you? That is exactly how Annabel, Albert and Nina felt - the three characters in the book ‘Paraules a mitges’ (Unfinished words) - who were around 20 years in 1981. Through their account of facts, we will discover that nobody is like they appear to be. Each one of the three siblings, without knowing, were involved in the same conspiracy associated with perfumes, contraband and heartaches with unpredictable consequences. A novel, in which the least important fact is what occurred at the spanish Congress of Deputies that afternoon of February.

The House of Silence

(2013). Rosa dels Vents

This is the story of several women and some men. The story of brave, passionate and sensitive women who love men, but above all, the story of women who love music. This is the story of a violin that goes from one hand to another, a story of an exiled orchestra conductor who lives among musical notes and affaires with women; a story of absent mothers, a story of heartbreak and revenge, a story of bloody wars which separate people, a story of maids who enjoy hot chocolate. This is the story of The house of silence, a place where the music is always in the background.

The Last Snow

(2011). Rosa dels Vents

A woman who lived a hundred years ago writes secretly in a village in Catalonia, in the middle of the mountains. Her passion for books, unusual for her time and environment, resembles the passion of a woman from the 21st century that could not live without writing either. Through the novel, the reader is let into the lives of these two women - with their sufferings, and their tremendous desire to live, and even though they lived in different periods, the chapters weave an invisible thread of hope, silence and words between the two.

Vés a saber on és el cel

(2009) Rosa dels Vents

What happens in a man’s life when he must face up with one of the most serious mistakes of his past: the consequences of having sexually abused a woman? For the first time in his life, Sergi has to look at the person whom he once inflicted an irreparable damage. This man, who has a prosperous successful career as a radio presenter, finds himself, because of a misunderstanding, in front of Cristina. The encounter takes place in her husband’s burial. Cristina tells him about her life, marked by a sexual aggression that she suffered when she was a teenager and was never able to get over.

El jersei

(2006) Rosa dels Vents

This is an intriguing story of family secrets and their long lasting effects. While seated in a corner of her daughter’s house, Dolors works on making a sweater for her granddaughter. While making this sweater, she begins to observe the habits of those who are living in the house. Every member of the family appears to be quite normal, however, in reality, they are each holding unspeakable secrets.

Train to Puigcerdà

(2007) Rosa dels Vents

A train that follows Barcelona-Puigcerdà’s line suddenly stops in the middle of a city. It is Christmas day in the morning. Inside one of the coaches there are twelve people who have appearently nothing in common. However, basically, they know each other much more than they thought… and they do not still know that what has happened or will mark them in the future depends on someone who is inside their own coach…

Presó de neu

(2003) Edicions Proa

After serving ten years in prison for the murder of his wife, Jordi Codina is granted a permit to leave the prison premises and decides to return to the scene of the crime. During his journey there, an interior monologue introduces the reader to his entangled memories of two different experiences: his youth as a rebel, participating in left-wing student movements, a local theatre group, his unfortunate luck with women; and the chapter of his life that began the first day he spent in prision, where death is life's inseparable companion.

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